Medication Policy and Procedures

For Teachers and Parents


Procedure for Field Trips:

Send a list of students going on field trips to Health Services 2 weeks prior to going on field trip. This amount of time is needed to insure proper medical needs are available for all students.

Procedures for Medication Administration:

Students can not have any medication with them at anytime, except inhalers if their doctor has filled out an order stating they can carry it with them. If they have an inhaler find out where they are keeping it and inform Health Services.


 Procedures for Field Trips

ABSOLUTELY No medication can be given to students to carry with them, except for an inhaler with a doctor's order. All medication must be given to the appointed school employee going on the trip(unless the parent is going). All medication must be in the original bottle. Any over-the-counter medication must be in a new bottle. No medication can be given to any other adult (or student) on field trip except the parent of that child. Please do not put anything on another child or give medication to another child even with the parents permission, unless it is in writing. This is for the child's safety as well as the safety of other children in the vicinity.

Procedures for Medication Administration