Bus Route #147

Roger BrotzBus Driver: Roger Brotz

Morning Run: 6:40 leave bus garage and turn right on Hwy 227, left on Highland Ave, and stay straight going onto Hwy 36.

Turn left on Hunters Heights at 6:35 am. West Prong at 6:45 A.M.. Locust at 6:48 AM,

East Prong at 6:50 AM, Wrights Ridge at 7:00 AM, Hwy 36/42 at 7:15 Highland Ave. at 7:18

Day Care on Highland at 7:23. Proceed on to the High School, Cartmell, Middle School and Katheryn Winn

Afternoon Run: Go to Cartmell in slot #9 and load students, to the High School behind bus #152, Middle School behind bus #149, and to Katheryn Winn behind bus #149. Leave Winn turning left onto Hawkins, left on 11th, left on Highland and proceed to do the morning run in reverse.